High-Quality Corn Kernels

We provide high-quality corn feed tailored to the specific nutritional requirements of livestock, poultry, and aquaculture industries. Our carefully formulated animal feed ensures optimal growth and health.

PT Minang Agrotama Mendunia -Leading International Corn Distributor

Corn Kernels for Animal Feed

Our primary product is the finest-grade whole corn kernels. Sourced from carefully selected farms, our corn is grown under optimal conditions, ensuring superior quality, taste, and nutritional value. Packed with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, our corn kernels promote healthy digestion and robust growth in animals.

High Nutritional Content

Our corn kernels are rich in carbohydrates, which serve as a valuable energy source for livestock. Additionally, they contain essential proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to overall animal health and growth.

Improved Digestibility

The kernels’ natural form promotes better digestion in animals, optimizing nutrient absorption and reducing the risk of digestive issues.

Natural Flavor

Animals are naturally drawn to the taste of our high-quality corn kernels, encouraging consistent and enthusiastic consumption.


Corn kernels can be fed whole or ground, making them suitable for various animal species and stages of growth

Long Shelf Life

Our specialized packaging ensures that the corn kernels remain fresh and free from contaminants, extending their shelf life and reducing the risk of spoilage

Corn Meal for Animal Feed

Our finely ground corn meal is a versatile option, offering an array of benefits for animal nutrition. We take great care in producing our corn meal, ensuring that it retains its natural goodness and nutritional integrity.

Quality Standard

Moisture Content

PT Minang Agrotama Mendunia maintains an unwavering commitment to moisture control in our feed corn. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities are equipped with precise humidity control systems. This ensures that our corn consistently falls within the optimal moisture range of 12% to 14%, safeguarding against mold, spoilage, and mycotoxin formation. Maintaining this moisture balance enhances the longevity and nutritional value of our feed corn.


Our dedication to cleanliness is unwavering. Our corn undergoes rigorous cleaning processes to remove any impurities, such as dirt, dust, stones, and contaminants. This meticulous cleaning guarantees the highest nutritional value in our feed corn while eliminating the risk of harm to animals. By prioritizing cleanliness, we prevent the introduction of mycotoxins, ensuring the safety and well-being of livestock.

Nutritional Value

Energy Source

PT Minang Agrotama Mendunia understands that energy is the foundation of animal nutrition. Our feed corn, sourced from trusted suppliers, is renowned for its exceptional carbohydrate content, providing a reliable energy source for livestock. By consistently delivering high-quality corn rich in starch, we ensure that your animals receive the energy they need for growth and overall health.

Protein Content

While corn is not a primary protein source, we recognize the importance of protein balance in animal diets. Our corn is meticulously selected to complement other protein-rich feed ingredients, ensuring that your animals receive a well-rounded and balanced nutritional intake. This strategy promotes optimal growth and performance, underlining our commitment to animal health.

Purity and Uniformity

Consistent Sourcing

We prioritize uniformity in our feed corn sourcing, selecting suppliers that consistently provide corn that is uniform in size and color. This commitment ensures that our feed ingredients promote precise feed formulations and consistent animal nutrition.

Quality Control

Our stringent quality control processes extend to verifying the purity and uniformity of our corn products. Through these processes, we confirm that each batch of feed corn meets the highest standards of consistency and quality, assuring you of dependable and balanced nutrition for your animals.


Accurate and Complete Records

Our documentation practices prioritize accuracy and completeness. We maintain meticulous records of all necessary paperwork, including certificates of analysis, certificates of origin, and import permits. These comprehensive records ensure that you have all the documentation required for international trade.

Prompt Document Preparation

We understand the urgency of international trade. Our dedicated team is committed to preparing documentation accurately and promptly. This ensures that your shipments proceed smoothly through customs and reach their destination without unnecessary delays.

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